Raji is the founder and co-director of Yoga Synthesis and Program Director of Yoga Synthesis Teacher Trainings. Since its inception in 1999, hundreds of graduates have earned certifications through the renowned Yoga Synthesis™ Teacher Training programs.

Raji was born in Chandigarh, India. Even though he grew up in Boulder, Colorado, because of his connection to India, he was initiated into a yoga practice at the age of twelve. He has studied extensively and directly with a number of well-known teachers from various prominent Hatha Yoga lineages since then including: Pattabhi Jois and Richard Freeman in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Dharma Mittra in Shivananda Yoga, Aadila Palkivala in Iyengar Yoga, Gary Kraftsow and Fran Ubertini in Krishnamacharya Yoga, John Friend in Anusara Yoga, Ravi Singh and others in Kundalini Yoga, Glenn Black at Omega Institute. He has taken trainings at The Colorado Yoga Institute, The Santa Barbara Yoga Center (with Erich Schiffmann), The White Lotus Foundation (with Ganga White and Tracy Rich), the original Yoga Works in Santa Monica (with Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller and others) Yoga Centers in Bellevue Washington (with Aadil Palkivala) and continues to take workshops with teachers from different traditions whenever possible.
Raji’s passion is for the integration of different methods and styles, which allows him to express more creativity and engage in open exploration into the essence and wholeness of Yoga. From dynamic flowing movement to passive poses and active holds with alignment and props, his depth of knowledge of various practices and the creative combination of them has led him to be known as a leader in innovative and creatively inspired Hatha Yoga. He has also helped many people with various ailments through therapeutic yoga applications. Raji applies his creative spirit in the areas of breath, energy awareness and meditative practice as well, with continual practice and study in various meditative and contemplative traditions, particularly Tibetan Buddhism. The inspiration for the Yoga Synthesis™ Method is a culmination and integration of all that he has learned and explored.