Teacher training Overview

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200 Hour Basic Certification Teacher Training with Raji

The Yoga Synthesis™ Basic Certification Teacher Training gives a comprehensive view of the major yoga styles and methods with particular focus on Classical Hatha, Viniyoga, Iyengar Yoga, and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Special presentations on Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Partner Yoga and Thai Yoga bodywork are given. Forms are compared and discussed to facilitate a broader understanding of the whole while continually emphasizing the core principles and commonalities. The practical aspects of teaching such as risk management, alignment and adjustment are combined with foundational theory in yoga philosophy and Ayurveda.

200 hour one day-a-week teacher training

Is it time to take the next step? Do you love yoga and want to help others experience the life-changing benefits yoga can bring them? Equip yourself with the knowledge, abilities and community needed to truly have an inspiring, healing impact on those around you.

Join a training program with a great track record of graduating hundreds of accomplished teachers. We have been training & certifying teachers for over 10 years. This training will prepare you well to ease into the world of teaching yoga classes and private yoga clients.

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300 hour advanced teacher training

A great opportunity to deepen your knowledge and experience of yoga and explore more specialized and advanced areas of application. For individuals who have successfully completed a basic 200-hour Yoga Alliance-registered training and want to take the next step. 

The Yoga Synthesis™ Advanced Teacher Training is registered with Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of all requirements, trainees receive a Certificate which may be submitted to Yoga Alliance for their registration.

Summer 200 HOUR Basic certification TEACHER TRAINING

If you have weekday time open and want your weekends for other summer activities, this teacher training format might be perfect for you. The Summer Training is unique and encourages participants to dive wholeheartedly into their own practice, practice teaching and class observations in order to further their own development in yoga, and to gain practical insight into teaching technique, methodology and style.

Each training session includes theory, postural practice, breathing practice, meditation, relaxation, discussion and teaching practicum. Main presentations and classes are taught by Raji Thron, with assistance from Yoga Synthesis™ Staff Teachers and graduates.