YOGA synthesis videos

The one-hour videos below feature Raji and Rose performing various Yoga practice sequences. For those wanting a gentler practice, try the Gentle Series. If you like a strong vinyasa practice, try the "Fire Series".

"Sukha Vinyasa" - Gentle Series

A gentle flow of postures synchronized with breath which emphasizes fundamental techniques and basic postures, beginning with supine stretches and proceeding to all fours, gentle standing postures, and finishes with sitting twists, hip opening and forward bends. 

68 minutes Instant download


"Prakasha Vinyasa" - Inner Light Series

A flowing series of postures synchronized with breath, which introduces a creative "vinyasa" style and more engaging postures. It begins on all fours, proceeds to Sun Salutations, standing poses, and finishes with sitting postures and shoulder stands.

68 minutes - Instant download