The training exceeded my expectations immeasurably. Raji has that rare gift to share his vast knowledge in a simple yet very profound way. He creates an atmosphere of free exploration and discovery of all that yoga has to offer, always with a kind and compassionate heart, a smile and a sense of humor. I have found Raji's concept of "Yoga Synthesis" a revolutionary idea - that by exploring all the different traditions of yoga and discovering all the unique gifts they all have to offer,  you can have the tools to truely discover your yoga. Upon completing the training it was impossible for me not to want to share all that I've learned, and continue to learn, from this remarkable teacher. Kelly S. 

"The AYSTT training program was a profound experience for me.  It brought my teaching to a new level and gave me an increased sense of confidence. Even my students noticed a change in my teaching.  The program provided both a refresher of material learned in basic training as well as new information.  After teaching for several years, material that I had previously learned I was able to receive in a much deeper way with greater understanding.  Raji's breadthknowledge is truly amazing and I feel so blessed to have been able to study with him.  He created an open forum for teachers to share their experiences so that we learned a tremendous amount from each other as well.  Having a place to ask questions, share knowledge and build community was a powerful experience for me personally and professionally."                        Lynn, YSATTGraduate

"I feel so lucky to have taken my 200 hour training from Raji at Yoga Synthesis.  Raji embodies yoga and empowers you to learn how to teach safely, mindfully and from your heart - honoring what inspires you and encouraging you to develop your own voice.   Since Yoga Synthesis is a blend of different yoga styles – you get a taste for many different methodologies and philosophies.  This further enables you to explore what resonates with you and makes you a more knowledgeable teacher about yoga and the many styles that are prevalent in the community.  And if you are looking to find work as a teacher – the area studios and fitness centers know that YS graduates are top quality which makes finding a gig simpler! Whether your intention is to further your own practice by absorbing the knowledge that Raji has spent years studying, embodying and which he so humbly shares, or whether your intention is to spread the joy and word of yoga with the world – Yoga Synthesis trainings are money, time and energy well spent."  Namaste! Kitty

"When I first found Yoga Synthesis I truly was at a very low point in my life. Although just embarking on my yoga journey I was slowing beginning to discover the beauty and benefits yoga has to offer. With a true passion to learn, and a love of the studio and Raji’s teaching, I signed up for my teacher training. At that point I had no intention and or confidence to become a yoga teacher, but rather just had an interest to learn and grow. However, after my first night of teacher training with Raji, I knew my life had changed forever. His true passion for Yoga, his kind and open teaching style, and the atmosphere of support that his studio created opened the doors of promise in my life. I enjoyed every weekend of my teacher training and never wanted the weekend to end.After completing my teacher training I made a monumental shift in my life that has given me the opportunity to live the life I have dreamed and help adults and children of all ages. Not only did Raji’s teacher training equip me with the knowledge and skills needed to become a successful yoga teacher, but this teacher training gave me the courage and confidence to be the best me I can be.  Raji’s teacher training and Yoga Synthesis is truly unlike any other training and yoga studio. It is my hope the men and women of all ages will have the opportunity to experience the wisdom, light and love Raji and the Yoga synthesis community has to offer! Thank you Raji your gifts and opening the doors of promise in my life." Kimberly JMane Padme Hum